Liver Cancer Treatment

There are several types of treatment to treat liver cancer, which is:

1) Surgery

- Surgery is the removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue during an operation. It is likely to be the most successful disease-directed treatment, particularly for patients with a small tumor (smaller than 5 cm). A surgical oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer using surgery.

- Two types of surgery are used to treat Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The part of the liver with the cancer may be removed in a hepatectomy, or a liver transplantation may be done. However, if the tumor has spread outside the liver, or if the patient has other serious illnesses, surgery may not be an option.

2) Thermal Ablation

- Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and microwave therapy both use heat to destroy cancer cells. It may be given through the skin, through laparoscopy, or during a surgical operation while a patient is sedated.

3) Percutaneous Ethanol Injection

- Percutaneous ethanol injection uses alcohol injected directly into the liver tumor to destroy it. Side effects include fever and pain after the procedure, but the procedure is generally very simple, safe, and particularly effective for a tumor smaller than 3 cm. If the alcohol escapes from the liver, however, a person may have brief but severe pain. This option is currently being used less often and has been largely replaced by radiofrequency ablation.

Alternative Treatment For Liver Cancer

The intensive treatment may takes between 4 weeks to 6 months depends on how long they have got it and how bad is the conditions. The special herbal medicine is to regenerates the liver functional conditions so that it can perform its normal functions after.

The herbal medicine will have to be taken 2 times a day. There will be straight dieting and others advise. You are advice to take the herbal medicine for 30 days course first and then continue with it if not treated by then.

30% of cases get treated with herbal medicine in 30 days. For those who are more serious will need more than 1 course of herbal medicine treatment. You will get a better chance of recovery when you take intensive treatment, Chinese Master will advise you on all the others restrictions of diet, life style and soon for the better chance of full recovery from Liver Cancer. Liver cancer dieting, liver cancer daily routine life style and exercise, liver cancer mind and mood control and liver cancer next of kind support. All these are important factor on your recovery.

The herbal treatment will be in their original form and have to be boiled and then drink twice a day or once depending on the cancer patient's conditions.

Advanced Adult Primary Liver Cancer

Treatments for adult primary liver cancer depend on the stage of the disease the condition of the liver, and the patient's age and general health. Standard treatment may be considered, based on its effectiveness in patients in past studies, or participation into a clinical trial. Many patients are not treated with standard therapy, and some standard treatments may have many more side effects than are not treated with standard therapy, and some standard treatments may have many more side effects than are not desired. For these reasons, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine are designed to find better ways to treat cancer patients and are based on the most up-to-date information. For those who come to see Master will has the BEST chance of recovery base on all the studies for more than 145 years till 2003.

Treatment of advanced adult primary liver cancer depends on what treatment a patient has already received the part of the body where the liver cancer has come back, whether the liver has cirrhosis, and other factors. Malaysia Chinese Master will let you know what is best for you at what stage. Even emotion will play a role for your recovery; Chinese Master wills guild you from here especially on dieting living style and so on.